Business Segments

Natural Gas Supply and Production

The E&P segment acquires natural gas from the well head and pipeline, and markets gas and fuel oil to support its strategy. The Group does not drill but may partner with producers to secure resources.

LNG Production

The LNG segment operates liquefaction and re-gasification facilities, and purchases, ships, markets and sells LNG. The total volume of LNG purchased under long-term contracts and delivered to customers has increased in recent years. The Group believes that it can grow its LNG supply position to reach around 8 MTPA by 2018.

Natural GasTransmission (Pipeline) and Distribution LNG Storage

The T&D segment is focused on developing both markets and infrastructure for the delivery of gas. The T&D business involves the development, ownership and operation of major pipelines and distribution networks, as well as the supply of gas through these pipelines and networks to the end customer. Generally, pipeline transmission and distribution companies are regulated businesses.

LNG Marketing

The PG segment involves the development, ownership and operation of mostly natural gas-fired power and cogeneration plants to generate demand that are less than 300MW.